I See Jazz 2

Jazz at the LibraryI See Jazz 2: A Collection of Jazz Images from Here and There is an ongoing exhibition at the branch library between April 28 and May 30, 2012.  Sponsored by Artists-at-Large, Inc., this exhibition opened at the start of Boston JazzWeek, and celebrates jazz in the visual arts, and include:

1.    Buddy Bolton Band photographed 100 years ago
Public domain photo. Photographer not credited

2.    Forbes Graham and Liz Ronka at HP Library 2010
Photo by Ann Herrick

3.    Music Workshop poster
Design by Jeff Kimmel

4.    Les Paul
Public domain photo. Photographer not credited

5.    Don Cherry
Public domain photo. Photographer not credited

6.    Terry Bozzio drum kit
Photographer not credited. Altered by Tommey

7.    The Fringe at The Zeitgeist
Photo uncredited

8.    Piano Keys
Royalty Free Image.

9.    Free Music Now Collective at The Lily Pad
Design by Scott Getchell

10.    Debo Band publicity photo.
Photographer not known.
Interesting note: Debo had their first concert in Hyde Park and now tour     internationally

11.    Billie Holiday
Public Domain Image. Photo-shoped by Tommey

12.    Painting of Jazz Band
Royalty Free Image. Digitally printed. Unaltered from file

Many images are public domain photos and are available for sale as presented and framed.  Proceeds of all sales benefit the Friends of the Hyde Park Branch Library and Artists-at-Large.  Please contact 617-313-6557, or infoaal@mac.com for more information.