A Fun Appraisal Day

appraisal-CWpitcherThe Friends’ Antiques Appraisal Day on Saturday July 11th was a fun day amid other events at the branch library–girl scouts met in Menino Hall in the morning, followed by a community meeting with Mayor Martin Walsh.   Our event was as well-attended, and many happy owners learned more about their objects.  This Pilgrim pitcher was valued at about $200-300.



appraise-clockPatrick from Cobwebs Antiques in Jamaica Plain points out a detail on the back of a canvas painting.




The antique clock here is handsome!






This Civil War-era sword had the highest estimated value of the day at $12,000!



appraisal-V+ C


Friends Board President Vicky and Emeritus Board Member Claire look over some of Claire’s items.





Banjoist John added his musical flair during the entire event.  Thank you very much, John!

Joining him here are Friends volunteer Diane, Friends Board member Barbara and branch staffer Yosefa.