Zili Misik Returns to Hyde Park Saturday Aug 15!

Zili Misik entertained an eager audience in Menino Hall on a blustery January day in 2013.   Attendees at that concert have expressed delight about their return. Their program appeals to audience members of all ages, and includes a few numbers designed to involve the children present.

Founded in 2000 by Kera Washington, Zili Misik’s sounds are rooted in the African continent while connecting Haitian  misik rasin, Jamaican roots reggae, Afro-Brazilian samba, Afro-Cuban son, and African American  spirituals, jazz, blues, and soul  to create a sound all its own.

Performers include drummers and percussionists, guitar, saxophone, and trombone players, as well as vocalists and artists on ethnic instruments.  It will be a lively afternoon!

This performance is sponsored by the Friends of the Hyde Park Branch Library who are most appreciative of a generous grant from the City-Wide Friends of the Boston Public Library making it possible.