2016 Bookmark Ball Tickets

Back to Basics Bookmark Ball, April 30, 2011Over the years, the Friends of the Hyde Park Branch Library have held its biggest fundraiser in commemoration of different events in the history of our favorite branch library. Our last ball was our Back to Basic Bookmark Ball highlighting a challenge within our group to expend the least amount of funds to gain the most funds for future programming at the Hyde Park Branch Library. The Hyde Park community very generously supported us in that event through nearly 5 years of programming!

This fall the Friends will be celebrating the acquisition of Isaac Caliga’s portrait of American Impressionist John J. Enneking, Hyde Park’s artist and adopted son. In addition to our usual raffles and quilt display, the John J. Enneking Centennial Bookmark Ball commemorates the 100th anniversary of his death and celebrates his life and career with a live auction of 5 framed Enneking painting reproductions. These will be displayed at the branch library in the weeks prior to our ball.

Tickets for the event are $30 (tickets held at the door), but will be $35 on the day of the ball. Advance purchases can be made using the Paypal buttons below, or by sending a check made payable to the “Friends of the Hyde Park Branch Library”, to 35 Harvard Avenue, Hyde Park, MA, 02136.

Support the Friends with your donation (using increments of $5) anytime with the convenient Paypal button below.


Bookmark Ball, Single Tickets – $30
Bookmark Ball, Supporter – $50 (incl. 2 tix)
Bookmark Ball, Sustainer – $100 (incl. 4 tix)
Bookmark Ball, Contributor – $250 (incl. 6 tix)
Bookmark Ball, Benefactor – $500 (incl. 8 tix)
Donation (in increments of $5)

Thank you for your support and see you on the 22nd!