Reenacting Ribbon Cutting

In January 2000, the  ceremony to formally dedicated the additions to the Hyde Park library took place. The architectural and library team present at that event gathered on January 25, 2020 to celebrate the 20th anniversary.

Robert Miklos, then at SchwartzSilver Architects, was the lead architect for the $4 million project.  Using slides, he showed  the design and construction process while emphasizing  the effort to bring elements of the 100 year old building into the new building.

Former library staff and patrons returned for the event.  Patrons, volunteers and community organizers also shared in the festivities.cake Recently elected City Councilor Ricardo Arroyo actively took part in one-on-one and group discussions on  topics related to city support of the library,  volunteerism (FHPL) and  HP Historical Society goals and needs.

A behind the scene tour was  give to those with interest in a particular area of the library, such as the taxidermist owls, and the dingy basement stairs to the then, off- limit stacks.

Architectural drawings and photographs of the multi-year project along with professional journals featuring the library were on view.

The library’s worn hardwood floors will be restore next month, and hopefully  will resemble their award winning glow.