Rebecca and Arthur Crumpler Fund – #1

This is the first post about Rebecca  Lee Crumpler (1831-1895), and Arthur Crumpler  who are buried in Fairview Cemetery, Hyde Park, Massachusetts.  The brown outline is where a gravestone would have been, and with your help, there will soon be one. The plot is in the second row, and the front of the stone will face up the incline. Aspen Avenue is on the right, and the cemetery office is in the background.


The gravestone will be place in the area of the stick. Mother Brook is in the background.

facing stone from angle

Interestingly, one of  the Crumpler’s Hyde Park homes still stands and can be seem from the gravesite. The house is in the lower left corner on Sunnyside Avenue, now called Solaris Avenue. (Hyde Park Atlas, 1899 plate 12)

1899 Atlas-12 cropped small

Only in the last 10  years or so have Dr. Crumpler’s  accomplishments been recognized. She was the first African – American women medical doctor trained in the United States. She graduated in 1864 from the New England Female Medical College in Boston. The college later became Boston University School of Medicine. She lived, studied, and work in the Boston area, but is still generally unknown in Boston.

Arthur Crumpler (1835-1910)  was a fugitive from slavery in Virginia, and found his way to West Newton, Massachusetts via the Union Army in Norfolk, VA. He also had a remarkable life.

Here are a few links to stories of their lives.[pler-took-pride-learning/

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