HP Historic Garden Will Happen

Two figures and one granite stone  had been resting in mulch  for many years on the side lawn of the Hyde Park Library. In 2018,  The  Friends of the Hyde Park Library (FHPL)  decide to do something to bring them to prominence and to share their history.

In February 2019, the Friends  received  Community Preservation funds from the City of Boston to ‘transform an unused area of open public space at the Hyde Park Library into a passive park incorporating artifacts of historical significance  to the Hyde Park community’.

The photo shows two figures of the god Mercury, salvaged from the Hyde Park Railroad Station  that was built in 1914 and demolished in 1974. Also, a foundation stone from the St. Catherine School, built in 1895 and torn down in 1966.  We call this the Corrigan stone because Thomas Corrigan was thought to have built the foundation.

x2 with corrigan

Hyde Park Station-1912 drawing

HP station circa 1914

photo_street level with snow, horse-car-snow 1-2-1916

There are no photographs of the school but it does appear on maps from 1899 to the 1960’s.

The stones were removed in the fall of 2019 and taken for preservation, stabilization  by Daedalus, Inc. http://www.daedalusart.com.  Lissa Schwab, a major project manager at the Boston Public Library arrange for the work to be done and invited us to visit the studio to see the progress, and here’s what we saw.


VG-BS-DEDEALUScorrigan-folk art


In the next 2 months the artifacts will be mounted on granite with plaques about their history. There will also be a commemorative plaque thanking the City of Boston, the Boston Public Library and the Friends of the Hyde Park Library.  After  installation in June, benches will be added to the area.  A dedication event is planned.