The 125th Anniversary of the Death of Dr. Rebecca Crumpler

Rebecca Lee Crumpler M.D.

February 8,1831—March 9, 1895

The Friends of the Hyde Park Library and the Hyde Park Historical Society are very pleased to announce that the Rebecca Crumpler Fund has received a generous donation from the Massachusetts Medical Schools.

“After learning of the Hyde Park Library Friends’ efforts to install a memorial marker in recognition of Dr. Crumpler, Dr. George Q. Daley, Dean of Harvard Medical School, reached out to the deans of the other three Massachusetts medical schools with a request that each join forces to support the fundraising effort. Each medical school dean, Dr. Karen Antman (Boston University), Dr. Terence Flotte (University of Massachusetts), and Dr. Peter Bates (Tufts) responded quickly and with enthusiasm for the plan. All recognized that the Hyde Park Library Friends’ effort is a most fitting tribute given Dr. Crumpler’s legacy within Massachusetts as a trailblazer for individuals under-represented in medicine.”

Dr. Joan Reede, HMS, Dean for Diversity and Community Partnership

The contribution from the medical schools and from more than 115 individuals will make it possible for us to honor Dr. Crumpler’s legacy in many ways. We are reviewing our options while we finalize the style and engraving for the headstones.

Fairview cemetery was opened in 1893, and Dr. Crumpler was the 123rd interment.  Most of the other graves in the areas date from 1894 -1918, and many  do not have headstones. We must follow the rules for gravestone size in that part of the cemetery and will purchase granite that reflects the era.  Alas, Quincy granite is no longer available.

Sincere thanks to the Medical School deans and to all who have made donations.

Victoria Gall         Tom Sullivan            Gretchen Van Ness         

 Elisa Birdseye     Mimi Turchinetz        Denella Clark 

   Patrice Gattozzi               Tanisha Sullivan


Two ways to support the Crumpler project

  1. Make out a check to Friends of the Hyde Park Branch Library indicating that it is for the Crumpler Fund. Address: Hyde Park Library, 35 Harvard Avenue, Hyde Park, MA, 02136
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