Charlestown – Boston ‘homes’ 1852-1879

Where did Rebecca,Wyatt and Arthur live between 1852-1880?  (Source in parenthesis)  If you have any primary source documentation for the years without information please send it to:

April 19,1852  Rebecca and Wyatt – Charlestown MA (Marriage Registration)

May 20,1853    Death of Wyatt’s son Albert, born in VA,1846 A.Lee Death

1854         —————-

1855         Wyatt and Rebecca Lee Ward – 3 Charlestown 1855 MA cenus - Charlestown Ward 3 CROPPED

1856          Wyatt Lee 37 Cook St. rear, Charlestown1856 directory

1857,1858,1859       ————

1860          Wyatt and Rebecca Lee -Ward 5, Boston  1860 Ward 5 census

1861, 1862          Rebecca Lee may have had been in medical school housing

April 18,1863    Wyatt Lee, 2 Smith Pl., BostonW.Lee Death

June 1863      Arthur Crumpler, Newton, MA (Draft Registration)

1864          ——                          

June 2,1865   Marriage Rebecca Lee and Arthur Crumpler                                                                                   72 Chestnut St, Boston (BD)

cropped 1865

1866          72 Chestnut St. (BD)  

1867          RC – Richmond VA with Freeman’s Bureau (Allen Catalog)

1868           ——————     

1869          Arthur and Rebecca Crumpler –  67 Joy St., Bostoncropprd BD 1869

1870          20 Garden St., Boston1870-71 directory cropped  

                 Lizzie Sinclair Crumpler 12/18/1970 Lizzie birth registry CROPPED

1870          AC buys land in Hyde Park (Norfolk County Deed)    

1871, 1872, 1873     —————-

1874           RC teaching in Wilmington, DE (Allen Catalog)

1875/76      AC  work and board locations  (BD)

1875-76 boston directory cropped1876          RC teaching in New Castle, DE (Allen Catalog)

1877          ——————–

1878          AC buys land in Hyde Park (Norfolk County deed)

1879          AC boards at 4 Hamilton Pl.  (BD)

1880         RC and AC in Hyde Park, MA    1880 census cropped


More primary source material in the next posting.  Stay well and take the time to read about local and state history. 



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