Dr. Crumpler not mentioned in PBS program on 19th century female pioneering physicians

‘Follow the challenging and illuminating history of 19th century women doctors.’


Excellent history lesson that included a few sentences about the New England Female Medical College (NEFMC) where Dr. Crumpler graduated in 1864. The program mentioned: Dr. Rebecca Cole, who graduated in 1867 from the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania to be the 2nd black women to earn a medical degree, and also Elisa Grier, the 1st black female physician to work in Georgia (1897).

Why was Rebecca Lee Crumpler not discussed? Was it because no one has yet to find a photographer of her? Harvard University and Radcliff University provided source material for the program, so they had the opportunity to search the Countway Medical Library where there is a copy of a NEFMC annual report that lists Dr. Rebecca Lee as a student. That library also has a link to a copy of her 1883, ” A Book of Medical Discourses”.

Don’t let this omission stop you from watching the program which indeed is very informative.