7-16-2020 Photographs Dedication of Gravestones

Credit to Hyde Park photographer Jim LaFond-Lewis jimlafondlewis.com

Reverend Arthur T. Gerald Jr., 12th Baptist Church – Victoria Gall, Friends of the Hyde Park, Library – Dean Joan Reede, Harvard Medical School’s dean for diversity and community partnership- Atty Anthony Neal
Rey Bartlett- 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment with Dr. Reede
‘Say Amen as if you were in a Baptist Church!’
Police officer Anne Maher representing the Boston Police Academy Class 59-19, which donated $1,300, talks with colleagues.
Crumpler Fund Committee: Patrice Gattozzi, Mimi Turchinetz, Gretchen Van Ness, Vicky Gall, Elisa Birdseye, Tom Sullivan

More photos to follow. Thank you to the more than 130 donors from 21+ states.