HUBHistory Podcast

What is HUBHistory? Here’s how it’s described.

“There’s a lot more to the Hub of the Universe than the Freedom Trail and the Tea Party. Every week, HUB History hosts Jake and Nikki share a fascinating story from the long history of Boston. Sometimes, there are uplifting stories, like the life of Dr. Rebecca Crumpler, who became America’s first black female doctor.

Along with the main story, every episode includes an upcoming historical event in the Boston area, as well as a segment called Boston Book Club, featuring books, articles, websites, and other podcasts. Join Jake and Nikki for a new episode every Sunday at about 6pm (EST/EDT), then check the show notes for each episode at for historic images, maps, and primary sources”.

Click on this link for Episode #200 that features Dr. Rebecca Crumpler and her husband Arthur Crumpler.

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