Help us empty the  Friend’s storeroom of books, DVDs and CDs so we can  restock  with recently donated items.          books

This GIVE AWAY  runs from Wednesday September 18th (11AM) until Wednesday, September 24th (3PM). Bring your own bags and boxes.   Check out the tables outside of Menino Hall, the store room next to MH, and the FHPL shelves on the 1st floor.


Although everything is free, please consider helping out with a small donation. Put the money in the locked box on the 1st floor. Thank you and spread the word.

Library hours: Monday and Thursday 12-8PM, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 10-6PM, Saturday 9-5PM











Listen to the Candidates 9-9-2019

met the candidates

The following Candidates for the District 5  Boston City Council seat have said YES to attending the Sept 9, 2019 forum sponsored by the Friends of the Hyde Park Library.

Ricardo Arroyo
Marie Esdale Farrell
Cecily Graham
Justin Murad
Alkia Powell
Jean-Claude Sanon
Mimi Turchinetz

TIME: 6:30-8:00, PLACE: Blue Hills Catholic Collaborative audtitorium on 20 Como Road in the Readville section of Hyde Park. Parking and ramp entrance in the rear of the building.

David Polansky at the HP Library

David Polansky will be the entertainer at the family friendly concert Thursday, August 1st (6:30-7:30) in the garden at the HP library. He’s been described as a One Man show and he enthralls all ages. 
He’s set to do a lively inter-generational concert that will include children’s songs he’s written, and tunes from across the decades and continents. He also plays the trumpet. It will be lots of fun!

The family program with the Sulinha’s Trio with Julio Santos and Eduardo Mercuri will be rescheduled.

concerts in the garden

Library Children’s Garden getting ready for the July 25th Concert

IMG_2160Martin Guas_1Mulch has been added to the area and chairs will be set up for  the 6:30-7:30 pm  Thursday concert by Martin Guas an Argentinian multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Martin comes to us by way of the Berklee College of Music’s ‘Summer in the City Program’.  If the weather doesn’t cooperate the event will be in Weld Hall on the 2nd floor of the library.