7/15/2020 Memorial Card

This is the text for the 2 sided memorial card for the gravestone dedication for Dr. Rebecca Crumpler and Arthur Crumpler. The card be available at the Hyde Park Library and the office at the Fairview Cemetery when the buildings are again open to the public. If you would like a card before then, please send an email with your name and address.

Installation of Artifacts – Hyde Park Library Historic Garden


This piece of folk art includes Thomas Corrigan’s representation of the American flag, representing the adopted country he loved, and maple trees which grew in the Hyde Park area where he lived and worked.

Jim Lafond-Lewis photographed the artifacts after their installation.

An official dedication of the garden will take place after the library is open to the public, and benches have been added. A brochure about the history of the artifacts will be available in the library and and on this website.

7-16-2020 Photographs Dedication of Gravestones

Credit to Hyde Park photographer Jim LaFond-Lewis jimlafondlewis.com

Reverend Arthur T. Gerald Jr., 12th Baptist Church – Victoria Gall, Friends of the Hyde Park, Library – Dean Joan Reede, Harvard Medical School’s dean for diversity and community partnership- Atty Anthony Neal
Rey Bartlett- 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment with Dr. Reede
‘Say Amen as if you were in a Baptist Church!’
Police officer Anne Maher representing the Boston Police Academy Class 59-19, which donated $1,300, talks with colleagues.
Crumpler Fund Committee: Patrice Gattozzi, Mimi Turchinetz, Gretchen Van Ness, Vicky Gall, Elisa Birdseye, Tom Sullivan

More photos to follow. Thank you to the more than 130 donors from 21+ states.

Visiting the grave site after reading The Boston Globe article

The front page of the Boston Globe had a very well written and touching story about Rebecca and Arthur Crumpler, and how the grave stone dedication came to be. Globe staff reporter Brian MacQuarrie, did phone interviews for background material and attended the event on Thursday, July 16, 2020 at Fairview Cemetery.

On Saturday morning, Patty who purchased the Globe in Shop & Shop, felt she wanted to find the grave site for the remarkable couple from the article. She mentioned that she had shown the article to a young Black woman in the checkout line who also said she would plan to read more and go to the cemetery.

The grave sites are on Aspen Avenue which is to the left of the flag pole near the Fairview Cemetery office. Drive/walk down to the 5th tree on the right and you will see the back of the grave stones slightly up an incline. (A-90, A-91)

Professional photographs by Jim laFond-Lewis will be posted in the near future.

Dedication of Grave Stones for Dr. Rebecca Crumpler and Arthur Crumpler

Glorious day at Fairview Cemetery, thanks to many donations which made this event possible. Because of Covid precautions we did not have a large public gathering. Details and professional photos in another post. These photos were taken by Thien Simpson from Hyde Park Main Streets.

Reverend Arthur Gerald, Victoria Gall, Dean Joan Reede, Attorney Anthony Neal
Back of stone before landscaping
Rey Bartlett

Information table
The Press!

The Program

Overview of Rebecca Crumpler’s life – Victoria Gall

Historic significance and today’s relevance – Dr. Joan Reede, Dean for diversity and community partnership, Harvard Medical School

About Arthur Crumpler – Journalist, Attorney Anthony Neal

Blessing of grave stones and significance of the historic 12th Baptist church – Senior Pastor Reverend Arthur T. Gerald, Jr.

Special recognition for the the 54th Massachusetts Voluntary Infantry Regiment and the Boston Police Academy graduating class 59-19.

Details to follow.

Look for an article about the event in the Sunday Boston Globe on 7/19/2020, and be sure to watch NBC Nightly News (6:30 ET) as well. The local community newspaper, The Bulletin, will also run the story on 7/23.

When you go to Fairview Cemetery, drive in past the office and stay to the left of the flag pole. The grave sites are 5 trees ahead on the right.

Dr. Crumpler not mentioned in PBS program on 19th century female pioneering physicians

‘Follow the challenging and illuminating history of 19th century women doctors.’


Excellent history lesson that included a few sentences about the New England Female Medical College (NEFMC) where Dr. Crumpler graduated in 1864. The program mentioned: Dr. Rebecca Cole, who graduated in 1867 from the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania to be the 2nd black women to earn a medical degree, and also Elisa Grier, the 1st black female physician to work in Georgia (1897).

Why was Rebecca Lee Crumpler not discussed? Was it because no one has yet to find a photographer of her? Harvard University and Radcliff University provided source material for the program, so they had the opportunity to search the Countway Medical Library where there is a copy of a NEFMC annual report that lists Dr. Rebecca Lee as a student. That library also has a link to a copy of her 1883, ” A Book of Medical Discourses”.

Don’t let this omission stop you from watching the program which indeed is very informative.

Foundations in place

The foundation for the grave stones for Rebecca Crumpler and for Arthur Crumpler are in place. The grave stones will be installed when the inscriptions are completed.

Looking at the ‘front’ of the stones , and toward Aspen Avenue. Dr. Crumpler ‘s stone will be on the left.
Parallel to the road .
Looking at what will be the back side of the stones where there will be writing about the Crumpler’s significance. This is what will be seen from the road.

Crumpler Grave Stones

The granite has arrived from Vermont and the text for the inscriptions on the graves stones for Rebecca and Arthur Crumpler has been finalized. The front side will have name and dates, and the back side will honor them with information about their lives.

The public dedication ceremony has been cancelled. When the stones are installed later next month, their location in Fairview Cemetery will be posted. A memorial card with quotations from Dr. Crumpler’s book will be available in the cemetery office when it is open.

Plans for a memorial plaque in another location are being discussed.