Holiday shoppers at the Library

A profitable evening at the library holiday sale. Books, gifts, decorations, yummy cookies and tray bakes (brownies & bars).


The sale continues on Friday December 6th from  11-2 and Saturday December 7th from 10-2. Stop by to support the Friends of the Library. Gift membership available for as little as $10.

The source of the water entry into the HP Library has been located

The source of the water infiltration into the basement of the Hyde Park Library is being investigated by city engineers. The water  has been running into a store room and then into the AV room in the back of Menino Hall. The back walls of these rooms are below ground level and adjacent to the ramp in the front of the library.
The repair bidding process and selection will take place this winter and the work will commence in the good weather /Spring. Menino Hall has been closed for programming since April and will remain closed until the work is completed next year.
closeupstorage roomAVRoom