This summer Dream Big – READ! in Hyde Park

Come join us for dreamy Fridays at the branch library with the Dream Big – READ! programming starting at 10:30am:

Jul 20     Destination Dreamland with Scott Kepnes
Performing a participatory selection of songs, stories and poems that celebrate Reading, Night Dreaming, Summertime and all things Night time and Nocturnal, Scott plays guitar, harmonica and percussion.

Jul 27     Dream Big – READ Magic Show
Magician Debbie O’Carroll is looking for a bedtime book! Will she choose an adventure, a fairy tale, a mystery, a history or a biography? The Dream Big – Read Magic Show delights youngsters of all ages with stage magic, physical comedy, and an innovative script. A summer treat for young readers!

Aug 3     Sweet Dreams – Magical Bedtime Tales
Tuck yourself in at your neighborhood library and enjoy the best-ever bedtime stories filled with fairytale magic.  These stories, fully enacted by master storyteller Diane Edgecomb, are entertaining and participatory – A fun-filled performance filled with magical tales for the whole family!

Aug 10     Animal World Experience  
A live animal show, “Nocturnal Nights” showcases night-time animals, and explores all of the great reasons animals come out at night such as lack of predators, availability of food, better weather conditions, camouflage and much more!

Dream Big – READ! is sponsored by the Boston Public Library, the Massachusetts Library System, the Boston Bruins, and the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.